The Professional Scuba Association International’s Cave Decompression Diver course is designed for those divers who wish to utilize enriched air (Nitrox) at oxygen concentrations up to and including 100% by volume (EAN22 to Oxygen) in their diving activities including stage decompression procedures. It is highly recommended the Cave Decompression Diver students also take Narcosis Management® – Level II in order to expand and enhance their ERD knowledge, skills and training, and to prepare them for required deco stops.


History of Enriched Air Diving:

  • Early uses of Nitrox.
  • Popular acceptance of Nitrox.
  • PSAI’s involvement in Nitrox Education.

Physical Principles of Enriched Air Diving:

  • Pressure.
  • Boyle’s Law.
  • Dalton’s Law.
  • Formulas for Advanced Nitrox Diving.
  • Best Mix.
  • Oxygen Exposure.
  • Maximum Operating Depth.

Physiological Principles of Enriched Air Diving:

  • Benefits of Nitrox.
  • Hazards of Excess Oxygen.
  • Decompression Models.
  • Accelerated Decompression.

Decompression Fundamentals
Equipment for Enriched Air Diving:

  • Standard Equipment.
  • Cylinder Considerations.
  • Manufacturer’s Recommendations.
  • Stage/Decompression
    Cylinder Recommendations.
    Dive Planning.
  • Equivalent Air Depth and Tables.
  • Computing Best Mix and Maximum Operating Depth.
  • Use of Dive Computers.
  • Dive Planning Tables.
  • Computer Generated Dive Profiles.

Methods of Generating Nitrox:

  • Partial Pressure.
  • Continuous Blend Technique.
  • Gas Permeable Membrane Technique.
  • Pre-mixed Gas.

Using Nitrox.
Gas analysis.
Limits, Maximum Operating Depth.