The Professional Scuba Association International’s (PSAI) Extended Range Nitrox Diver course is designed for those divers who wish to conduct dives beyond 45 meters (150 feet) but not exceeding 55 meters (180 feet), using staged decompression techniques for both depth and extended bottom times. This course uses air as the primary back gas and nitrox(s) as decompression gas(es).

  • Extended Range Nitrox Diving Equipment & Configuration
  • Enriched Oxygen Mixture
  • The Physiological Effects of High Oxygen Partial Pressures
  • Tracking CNS Exposure and OTU’s.
  • Hypercapnia.
  • Decompression Sickness.
  • PSAI Dive Planning and Execution Procedures for Extended Range Nitrox Diving.
  • PSAI Extended Range Nitrox Diving Skills.