The PSAI Deep Sport Diver Program is designed for training divers who wish to dive in an open water environment to a maximum depth of 27 msw (90 fsw) on air. This program covers the knowledge, equipment, planning, and skills necessary to perform all phases of an open water dive to a maximum depth of 27 msw (90 fsw). Upon successful completion of this program the diver will be qualified to make open water diver to 27 msw (90 fsw).

  • Equipment Considerations for Deep Sport Diving.
  • Dive Preparation and Planning.
  • Managing Physiological Risk Factors When Diving Deeper.
  • Gas Management for Deep Sport Diving.
  • Performing the Five Phases of a Deep Sport Dive.
  • Use of a Lift Bag for Emergency Procedures.

For the PSAI Open Water Diver this course opens up the first level of the deep sport diving range: the waters that lay between 18 to 27 msw (60 to 90 fsw). The maximum depth you will be certified to dive, upon the successful completion of this course, will be 90 fsw (27 msw). Your dives will be no-stop dives, where mandatory decompression stops are not required. You will be certified only to dive in waters where you have free access to the surface. Those who have a need to dive beyond 90 fsw (27 msw) should seek further PSAI training. The narcotic effect of nitrogen in the air you breathe may begin to have a significant effect beyond the depth of 27 msw (90 fsw). This narcotic effect caused by nitrogen is called narcosis. PSAI is the only certification agency which offers divers certification in Narcosis Management®. Should you desire to dive beyond 27 msw (90 fsw) you should to enroll in the PSAI Narcosis Management®. Program. Know the limits to which you are trained. Respect them and you will be a wise and safe diver, prepared for the environment in which you are diving. The PSAI Deep Sport Diving Program will open new underwater visas for you and extend the range of your dive fun.