The Professional Scuba Association International’s Overhead Diver Propulsion Vehicle course is designed to teach divers to properly use a Diver Propulsion Vehicle for overhead diving activities. It will discuss the configuration and the peripheral equipment, as well as accessories and maintenance. Course training will be limited to performing penetration distances that DO NOT exceed those that the student is able to safely achieve by swimming and using the “Rule of Thirds” gas management plan. Penetration to greater distances typically requires DPV redundancy and complex gas management plans which are beyond the level of this introductory course.

  • The History of the DPV Diving.
  • Overhead DPV Use and Potential Hazards.
  • Overview of DPV System Configuration.
  • DPV Theory and Operation.
  • Practical Water Skills.
  • DPV Preparation and Maintenance.
  • DPV’s and Cave Conservation.

PSAI is the first agency to release a complete program containing a manual, instructor training slide presentation, and standardized exam for the certification of divers in the specialty of DVP Diving for the Overhead Environment.