The PSAI Boat Diving course is designed to provide for divers the knowledge and skill necessary to safely conduct boat diving activities. It will discuss boat types; boat terminology; water entries and exits from boats; use of lines to assist the diver; and hazards associated with boats.

  • Why Boat Diving?.
  • Boating Laws and/or Operations.
  • Selecting a Dive Boat.
  • Boat Terminology.
  • Boating Safety.
  • Sea Sickness.
  • The Boat Crew.
  • Getting on Board.
  • Boat Procedures.
  • Diving from a Boat.

Just about anywhere you find Scuba Diving, you will find Boat Diving. There are many different types of dive boats to accommodate the plethora of options and diversity in terms of dive environments. By using boats, we, as Scuba Divers, have the ability to reach dive sites that are not accessible (comfortably) from the shore. Fresh and salt water covers over 75% of the world. However, coast lines only touch a fraction of that water. As Scuba Divers, we are natural explorers and reaching just a fraction of the dive sites available in the world is just unacceptable. Thus, our only feasible option is to lift anchor and head for the open seas.