The PSAI Advanced Underwater Navigation Specialty course is designed to train divers in the advanced underwater navigation and the techniques for successful underwater navigation of various closed (triangular, square, and rectangular) compass courses.

  • A Review of the Content of the PSAI Basic Underwater Navigation Course.
  • Closed Compass Courses.
  • The Equilateral Triangular Course.
  • The Right Isosceles Triangular Course.
  • The Right “30”, “60” Scalene Trangular Course.
  • The Square and Rectangular Course.
  • PSAI Safety Guidelines for Underwater Navigation.

One doesn’t enter the ranks of what would be honestly termed an “Advanced Diver” unless they have the knowledge of how to navigate underwater and can successfully apply it when diving. Like any skill, underwater navigation must be practiced in order to maintain or improve the level at which you can execute it. Due to the benefits, a properly trained underwater navigator will integrate these skills into every dive. Closed compass courses differ from reciprocal courses in that the divers never cover the same territory on their return to the point of origin. There are many types of closed courses that the diver could run. The PSAI Advanced Navigation course will teach you the most common closed courses used by most advanced divers.