The PSAI Full Face Mask Diving course is designed to train divers in the use of a Full Face Mask and familiarizes them with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of using a Full Face Mask in non-overhead environments.

  • Safety Warning.
  • Reasons to Use a Full Face Mask.
  • Defining A Full Face Mask.
  • Types of Full Face Masks.
  • Choosing a Full Face Mask.
  • Preparing to Use a Full Face Mask.
  • Diving in a Full Face Mask.
  • Care and Maintenance.
  • Skills Needed for Safe Operation of a Full Face Mask.

Diving in a full face mask can increase level of diver comfort and confidence underwater. The use of a full face mask will also enhance enjoyment of their diving activity and, under some circumstances, allow the diver to stay underwater with a higher degree of safety.